Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tokyo Take 2

Tokyo was even better the second time around! My first trip to Tokyo was a bit of a whirlwind. We saw SO much that it was all a bit of a blur- with the exception of Mt. Fuji....I have VERY vivid memories of Fuji :). This trip was all about hanging out with the ladies and seeing the sights. Kendall's friend Alex was coming to visit, so Amber, Kendall, and I met her at the Narita airport. That first night was terrible as far as weather goes. The rain was pouring, and we got to Tokyo a bit late after a delayed flight from Okinawa (we were racing against a somewhat disappointing typhoon). We sauntered into our hotel around 11:30 tired, wet, and hungry.
The front desk people at our hotel pointed us in the direction of a restaurant nearby, so we grabbed our cheap plastic umbrellas and braved the wind for the short walk around the block to this little hole in the wall bar. Now, in Japan, you never know what you're going to get. We asked for 3 orders of fish and chips, along with a "vegetarian" penne pasta and glass of wine. What we got was a few pieces of baguette bread, which was supposed to be an appetizer, 1 order of fish and chips, and "vegetarian" pasta...packed with seafood, along with a glass of wine. Total for our bill? 3800Yen=$45USD. EXCUSE ME?! Fun little side note: many bars in Japan charge a cover fee to sit down and eat. In this case, it was 300Yen each. Yikes!
The rest of our trip was incredible! We visited the Sensoji Temple and Ueno Park, did some much needed shopping, and introduced Alex to the unique and special country of Japan.

 Drawing her fortune
 What?! Bad Luck?!

 Ueno Park

 Band playing in Shibuya

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