Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Typhoon Muifa

Okay, friends, here is the latest projected image of our newest typhoon, Muifa. See that bright pink dot just crossing the island chain, in between the other pink dot and the red dot? That's where I am (big wave). So basically, Muifa is forecasted to be a Category 4 Typhoon when she hits us. The last typhoon, Songda, as I said was a Category 3/2 and was pretty severe, so this should be a whole barrel of fun!
We've taken care of all the necessary preparations: Food, water, dog food, gassing up the cars, pulling out money, batteries, flashlights, etc. Our windows are supposed to be made with a protective film that allows them to crack instead of shatter, but we will still probably be sleeping in the hallway away from windows. It is supposed to officially hit early Friday morning, but we should be experiencing some pretty harsh winds Thursday night.
Again, the projections of these things change frequently, so don't be surprised if its different tomorrow.
Also, I am trying to potentially get on a Space Available flight to mainland this weekend/early next week. A friend and I are hoping to climb Fuji, explore Tokyo, and probably Nikko and Kamakura (2 of the places listen on my Take Me There! post). So if y'all don't hear from me for a while, no worries!

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