Friday, August 5, 2011

Hunkering Down

Well we are still waiting out Typhoon Muifa. She sure is taking her sweet time to pass through Okinawa. We went into TCCOR-1E on Thursday afternoon and are still not allowed to leave the house (not that we'd want to) as of this morning. Looking at the storm map, we are still only about half way through!
We are very lucky to still have power and good water, along with zero flooding- aside from a few leaky windows. I have friends who live off base who have had no power throughout this entire ordeal, a few people who have no hot water on base, and a couple of girls on a base up north have mentioned severe flooding in their towers from all the rain. Down here, we are just bored (its a time like this when I am thankful to live on base!) Poor Amber!
We've been keeping ourselves busy doing a multitude of things. I've been scrapbooking the last 6 months of our life, I caught the Jersey Shore season premier...THANK YOU ELECTRICITY!....baked some fresh french bread, read a little. Turf has mostly been playing video games ;) We also played a game of Life and several games of War and Speed. Again, can I say how lucky we are to have had electricity this whole time!?
Boomer hasn't liked the storm one bit, or it preventing him from going outside when he needs to. We have been sneaking out during the few slower patches to get him out. Our balcony is in a sort of "cove" shielded from the wind by another apartment. Last night we climbed over the rail and lifted Boomer over to do his business. Poor guy.
I think we're all going stir crazy....its like Lord of the Flies...only not quite as primal. I've been having pretty intense headaches the last few days and I'm just now realizing its probably because of the typhoon and pressure changes.
Anyway, I just thought I'd share a fun little video I took this morning. The video was shot from a calmer side of our building, the other side was so windy I couldn't open the door, even using all of my body weight. Winds are sustained at about 95mph right now with 115mph gusts.

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