Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day of Remembrance

11 years ago today the history of our country changed in a devastating and drastic way. As I sat in my 9th grade English class watching the twin towers crumble, I had no idea how significant that event would be in history and in my life.
Fast forward to 2012. I sat this morning, again watching those towers fall, but this time as a 1st grade teacher in Japan, on a military base. September 11th  has such a different, deeper meaning for me now. I remember with sadness the heroes who so bravely sacrificed their lives for each other that day, and the swelling of American pride that emerged from the rubble of the towers. Today my heart is heavy in remembrance for those lives lost, those left behind, and for the families who are still feeling the loss of life and presence of their loved ones who are off serving in the deployments that began as a result of that day. But in the midst of so much pain and fear, I remember feeling hope. I felt hope for humanity, as I recalled the firefighters fighting their way into burning buildings, policemen and volunteers scouring the wreckage for signs of life, the passengers on the hijacked planes, the bravery of the thousands of people within the towers, and the outpouring of American support after the attack. We are one country, full of diversity, but united. I love my country. I love it's colors, and my flag. As I experience so many cultures and people around Asia, I am humbled and so, so proud to be an American.
I also find myself thankful, because Turf finally made it home safely from Afghanistan three weeks  ago.
May we always remember September 11, 2001, and may we always remember the men and women who serve and give up their lives for our freedom and safety.

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