Saturday, August 4, 2012

Adventures in Thailand: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai. How I loved you! Amber, Kendall, and I took off from Phuket and made our way North to the cultural capital of Thailand. We spent the first day visiting the night markets, zipping around in Tuk Tuks, and laying around the pool at our gorgeous hotel (we highly recommend the Siripanna if anyone ever travels to Chiang Mai!). 
The highlight of our trip to Chiang Mai, and Thailand for that matter, was our one day Elephant ownership. We visited Patara Elephant Farm and were given our very own Elephants to take care of throughout the day. We learned all about elephants, how to check their health, and how to care for them. Elephants are simply amazing animals. It was so fun to interact with them and to learn so much about their behavior and how they live. Again, I highly recommend Patara Elephant Farm to anyone traveling in Chiang Mai. Don't waste your money on the Elephant rides that saddle you on top of the elephants and take you around in a few circles. This is so much more rewarding!

My elephant for the day, Pao

 After a wonderful day with the elephants, we toured the rest of the Old City of Chiang Mai and again, relaxed by the pool!

Some of our wonderful finds in Chiang Mai

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