Sunday, June 19, 2011

Transit Cafe, Bollywood Dreams, and Island Hopping!

I have some yumm-o blogging to share today!
First up is the Transit Cafe. The girls and their hubbies took me here for my birthday and it was pretty darn good! The service, however was a little under par. Amber is a vegetarian and ordered something that came with meat (in Japan, the menu rarely says what is in the dish and when it does, you still don't get the full picture). She apologized and told them that she doesn't eat meat and would need to order something else. Of course, they had no idea what kind of English we were speaking. At the end of the meal they not only charged us on our ticket for her uneaten meal (fair enough), but chased us down the street to collect the amount for the dish after they had forgotten to make us pay for it.
So anyway, I ordered a crab and asparagus tomato cream pasta. The picture looks gross, but it tasted delicious. Except for the whole crab carcas thrown on top! Seriously, as I was eating my pasta I had to pick around the legs and body of the crab and there were only a few chunks of actual meat. Not exactly what I was expecting, but I give it a 4/5 just for flavor.

Kendall got an "open faced sandwich" which to me just looks like a salad. It was also good nonetheless!

Dessert was alright. This was Jess and Amber's and was an assortment of fruit on top of...I think...maybe...bread? Kendall and I got a caramel ice cream that (unknown from the menu) also had bananas and corn flakes in it. Okinawans love corn flakes in ice cream.

And finally if you ever visit Okinawa or you live here already and haven't been, you must try Bollywood Dreams. It is in American Village and is this cute little indian curry place. We've had lunch there a few times but I actually remembered to get pictures this weekend when I went with Jess. We both got the curry set which came with a small salad, curry- Jess had vegetable and I had chicken- and these INSANE naan breads! Seriously y'all, these things are bigger than my head. The curry is delicious and so far is one of my favs (next to COCO's of course!) curry on the island. I have decided I like Indian curry best. Yum. I could eat it right now!

So, on to life and other things. Turf is home now! He is glad to be back after a couple of months in North Carolina for school and I'm glad to have him home to take care of Boomer and kill scary bugs around the house. Oh yea, and because I missed him ;) He's gotten right back to work this morning and I am enjoying my first weekday of summer! I went to the gym this morning, but other than that have done a whole lot of nothing :) Maybe I'll get the oil changed so I can feel some sense of accomplishment. I am glad to have this break, but I am already missing the paychecks.  I "surprised" him with a trip to Yoron Island, which is one of the islands off the North coast of Okinawa next weekend. We will be taking a ferry to the island and staying one night at the resort there, spending the day exploring and HOPEFULLY renting some mopeds! Here's to hoping we don't injur ourselves!
Turf in on a finance  kick. He has been re-reading Dave Ramsay's book, among others, and talking a lot of jabber about budgeting. If you ask me, I think we're doing pretty good. We both have more money in savings than we have had in a looooong time. At least I do, he's always had money;) And the only debt we have is my student loan and the remainder of the huge whopping $3000 car loan for Turf's mini-man-van. For some reason, Turf has started having anxiety about this. He has decided he wants to be a millionaire *WHO DOESN'T* and is determined to pay off the rest of this debt at lightening speed and start saving x amount of dollars in an account with x amount of interest so that it will grow x amount in x number of years to make us millionaires. Dave Ramsay say's its possible. I will support him, love him, and entertain this idea because I think its a great plan. I just think its a bit silly that he talks about "our debt" as if we are drowning in thousands of dollars in credit card debt. But I gotta love his logic and enthusiasm, and I definitely gotta love him if he really makes us millionaires! :)

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