Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunco Madness!

So traditionally, you play bunco with 12 girls. In Okinawa, we are obviously not traditional, and we had trouble finding 12 girls to play (we were 4 short since several ladies couldn't make it!), so we played with 8. Y' was still a blast! There was yelling, scrambling for dice, prizes, and pink decorations. We all decided we'd make it a monthly thing and start our own bunco group and now...snaps for us...we have a full 12 ladies to play! Let me take a minute to introduce you to some of the friends I've made!

You all know Kendall, Amber, and Jess. Kendall is on the far left and is the sweetest mean girl you'll ever meet. Seriously. If someone is driving too fast she'll say "maybe after this corner we'll slow down..." or "I feel like maybe we could slow down". She's also super fiesty if angered and very competitive in couples charades- don't mess with this Aggie!
Amber is the second from the left and my sweet little Oklahoma girl. She loooooves her cats and was the first one in our little group to start working. She looks and sings like Avril Lavigne and I forsee some very good karaoke nights with her.
And Jess is standing next to me. My little New Yawrker. She has an accent that we all love and is the 21 year old baby of the group. She also lives on Kinser a few towers away from Turf and I. Jess knows the most Japanese out of all of us since she's taking classes, so we are constantly relying on her when we go out in town.
I love these girls!
The other girls in the picture are Lindsey (she and her husband also have some crazy karaoke skills), Christina (who is a crafty-homemaking goddess), Megan (also a sweet little Texan girl), Diana (very nice and did a great job teaching Boomer tricks!), and Kara (who is also studying to be a teacher!). Such a fun group of ladies and I look forward to our next girl's night!

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