Monday, January 3, 2011

No more Christmas :(

Well, Christmas break is over too soon, and the next month should be super busy. We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and a really fun New Year! It has been awesome being on vacation for 3 weeks. Cancun, and back to Oregon, what an amazing December. Turfy also had a great birthday, which we celebrated in a suite at the Blazers game :) And now its back to reality...
 Turf left for Pensacola today and I will be staying here in Oregon with Boomer to finish his vaccination process. Moving to Japan is such a process, there is definitely NOT enough time. But, that's life. Poor Turf will be trying to get through everything on his own: housing applications, selling both vehicles, area clearance, moving (which we hear is done in 3 moves- express shipment, standard, and storeage), passport stuff, travel arrangements...and the list goes on. Trying to take one thing at a time does not really work when everything has to be done NOW! :)
Boomer's second rabies vaccination went well, and next Monday we will be making the long trip back to the base to get his FAVN test done.
On another note, Boomer is scheduled for an appointment at 7am tomorrow to have his man treasures removed, poor puppy :(

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