Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So I started this blog because I wanted our friends and family to be able to follow us once we move to Okinawa. But also, I wanted to be able to share information with other people who may be going through similar situations, or to vent, or to just be able to communicate the crazy things we sometimes encounter!

Moving to Okinawa. Never thought I'd be in that position! I always wanted to live in another country and experience a new culture, but I never really thought it would be in Japan. Not to mention the fact that I never dreamed I would be told we were being sent to Okinawa on such short notice. If you know how obsessive compulsive I am about organization, you know this is NOT okay with me. Add to that that I also have a dog that I am desperately hoping we will be able to take with us, and we've got a perfect little concoction of madness.

That being said, my first couple of blogs will most likely be about the process that I am going through to get Boomer to Japan (assuming we land in pet-friendly housing...that's another can of worms). I promise, once we get there I will post more about life in general, because I am guessing that although we will be living on base, things will be very different!

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